Alison’s Interview about Creation Song Norse Myths Storytelling show in Fringe Review

I have an interview which has been published in the Fringe Review Online Magazine. Please look on the website to read the interview. It tells about the show ‘Creation Song’ the storytelling show based on Norse Mythology and local legend.
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Brighton Fringe 2018 Leaflet and information

Brighton Fringe ad and leaflet 3 2018

Here is the leaflet for the Brighton Fringe show at Junkyard Dogs 4th May-1st June six shows booking information included. Read my blogs below to get some more information for the show or head on to for more information it is a Root and Branch Theatre Project-’Project Great Grandmother’ exploring the relationship between myth and folkloric legend, lore and land, the Skaldic tradition in ballad using the Eddic poetry and galdr the sung version of storytelling as well as the spoken word.

‘At a Sprynge Wel’ Walsingham Easter 2018

At the wells in Walsingham this is an example of the galdr I will be performing in my show Creation Song the Norse Mythology Show. The booklet ‘The Walsingham Story Through 950 Years’ by Arthur Bond suggests that the wells had pre-Christian origins ‘These wells probably survive from the pre-Christian cult of “Odinism” in which were venerated Mimir’s Well which watered the root of the Ash Tree Yggdrasil and the Urd Fountain which yielded the daily supply of pure water with which the stately tree was sprinkled. Similar twin wells are known to have existed at Brent, Middlesex and in Derbyshire. Pope St. Gregory in his instructions to St. Melitus permitted the conversion of Heathen temples to Christian use and the translation of pagan customs into religious solemnities. This undoubtably took place in Rome itself and it is most likely that the pagan twin wells at Walsingham eventually received their Christian “Hallowing”. pp 19-20. (copyright P.T. Sterry, Pilgrim Shop eds. 2011)
‘At a Sprynge Wel’ is from Kathleen Herberts ‘Looking for the Lost Gods of England’ and describes it as a ‘Post-Norman pop song’. Here is the translation
“At the source of a spring under a Hawthorn tree
There was a cure for sorrow (or, a remedy against harm) a little while ago.
Beside them (the well and the tree) stands a young girl (or a virgin-maiden)
Full of love, held fast by love
Whoever wants to seek for true love will find it in her.”
The text of the verse are in middle English and it is (as Kathleen Herbert states) clearly older than the Norman period. The words are like a spell or magical incantation. This is what is known as galdr the musical incantation of spells and charms which was a practise of Anglo-Saxon and Norse pre-Christian religion as described in Arthur Bond’s booklet. Tune composed by Alison Williams-Bailey March 2018.

Norse Mythology Storytelling Show at Brighton Fringe in May

Brighton Fringe this May

Creation Song Norse Myths Storytelling Show

Here is the leaflet for the Norse Mythology Storytelling show launching Project Great Grandmother to be performed in Brighton Fringe in May this year. A promising revival for Root and Branch Theatre Company. Please come and see the show. At Junk Yard Dogs 142 Edward Street, Brighton dates and times on the leaflet children welcome from 9 upwards. Includes Song ballad, ancient Eddic poetry, local legend, chant all music composed by Alison Williams-Bailey

Creation Song Norse Mythology Show at Brighton fringe Festival 2018

Announcing the debut performance of Project Great Grandmother which you can find on @alisongaldr with the performance at Brighton Fringe Festival in May 2018 of ‘Creation Song Norse Mythology Storytelling Show’ at Junk yard Dogs 142 Edward St, Brighton , BN2 0JG. Tickets can be bought from Brighton Fringe Office on telephone 01273 91 7272 or on the door at the venue £7 or £6 concessions.
This performance was written and created by Alison Williams-Bailey founder and director of Root and Branch Theatre.

I was inspired to create a new show after the Dragon tales tour in 2010 after which we performed at Bocketts farm park many new interactive shows were made based on Surrey folk lore legends including Norse myths ‘Pumpkin time’ as it was a Halloween Event and we were given the spec of Witches and Wizards. This featured ‘The White Witch of Waverley’ and ‘Thor and the Devil’s Jumps’ both Surrey legends.

It seemed after this experience that the Norse mythology and in particular the Creation story as featured in the Seeress Prophecy also known as ‘Voluspa’ in the Poetic Edda was am important story to tell to open the door and uncover the relationship between the myths of our pre-christian ancestors which evolved into the legends and lore of the land. This is the idea behind ‘Project Great Grandmother’ which is a performance, storytelling, creative writing, and music research into the traditions of our pre-christian ancestors through mythology, legend, and lore which is often called “folklore”, “fairylore” “giantlore”.

This project has been evolving from the research conducted into new writing for Root and Branch from Summer 2010. The ‘Creation Song’ Norse myths show was written over a few years for a scratch night in London 2013, then for the ‘Kith of Yggdrasil’ Althing in 2013, from these early explorations I developed the script for the Summer Solstice Festival Mother Earth Foundation 2017.

This performance will hopefully be a regeneration for Root and Branch Theatre developing the creative and artistic understanding of the relationship between the myths, legends, lore of the land. I have been fortunate to be awarded a Bursary from Brighton Fringe festival Encore Bursary. I am looking forward to being part of the biggest Arts Festival in England. I will be performing exerts from the show at Fringe City on 5th May at Pavilion gardens family picnic area and also at New Road and out and about to meet people that day. I’ll update soon with times. These of cause are free events.19578887_894513407419164_1024141089_o

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Welcome to Alison’s Blog for Root and Branch Theatre and Project Great Grandmother see below the story of our latest shows Research Projects via Project Great Grandmother and more.19578887_894513407419164_1024141089_o