horse_moonStory Of The Wells (Anderida Tales From The Weald, Part 1)

Funded by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council with a ‘Celebration of Tunbridge Wells 400 Years‘ Anniversary Grant.

Synopsis:  Tells the story of the Healing Wells in Tunbridge Wells
and includes the legend of St Dunstan and the Devil.

Featuring the Whistable Hooden Horse play.

Performed at:

  • The Ghost Walk, Winter Festival, Tunbridge Wells, Halloween 2006
  • Blacksmith Festival, Mayfield
  • Hoodeners Conference, Canterbury.
  • Corn Exchange & various local primary schools, Tunbridge Wells

See more about Hoodening at

Newspaper review from The Courier: ¬†Headteacher of St. Matthew’s Primary School,Peter Cornish, said the event caught the imagination of the children. He added “They can now tell me about the history of the town. They loved the main characters, especially the hooden horse.”

Dragon Tails or Tales of Dragons and Woodland (Anderida Tales From The Weald, Part 2)

2009-2010 Funded by Sussex Community Foundation & Heritage Lottery, within the Weald Forest Ridge Partnership Scheme

Performed at:

  • Royal Shakespeare Company Dell Open Air Festival, Stratford upon Avon
  • The Capitol Theatre, Horsham
  • The Hawth Arts Centre, Crawley
  • Clair Hall, Haywards Heath
  • Woodland Trust Discovery Week, Hargate Wood, Tunbridge Wells (14 local schools attended)
  • May Day & Puppet Festival, Covent Garden, Alternative Arts, London
  • Kingsbury Mayfest, Somerset
  • Banbury Hobby Horse Festival, Oxon
  • Westminster Choir Boy School, London
  • Sacred Heart School, Wadhurst, East Sussex
  • various primary schools in Sussex and Kent