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Alison Williams-Bailey hails from Rusthall near Tunbridge Wells and her background is in the theatre.
In 1996 she graduated from an MA Performing Arts at Middlesex University.  Her thesis involved fieldwork in Norway, Scotland, Orkney, Ireland and amongst the Sami, indigenous people of Norway.  She has collected and recorded folk song, music and dance from all the above as well as making interviews.  This research involved an exploration of her paternal heritage.
Other research has included a MPhil project at Brunel University with a performance element amongst the Sami people in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.  She has also researched some English traditions.
In Scandanavia her performances have included:
Photo of Alison, by Peter Millson
  Kautokeino Easter Festival
Samisk Kulture Festival
Tromso FolkeMusikkFestival, Norway
Jutajelset Festival of Folk Dance and Song in Rovaniemi, Finland
The Scotsman, Oslo
Olenagorsk Sami Days festival, Russia
Lovozero festival, Murmansk, Russia.
Work in the UK since 1997 has included:    
  Coin Street Festival
Docklands Music Festival
Hammersmith Irish Centre
Broadstairs Folk Week
Bath Fringe Festival
Folk Ale at Badlesmere and Hollow Shore, Kent
The Big Green Gathering
Gaunts House Summer Gathering
Earth Spirit
Radio appearances include  
UK radio:  BBC Radio Kent "Friday Folk" with Simon Evans
Sami radio:  Inari, Finland, Guovdageaidnu, Karasjok, Norway, Norweigan Radio, Tromso (local), and NRk (international)