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Creation Song

Alison Williams-Bailey's debut album
A selection of original and traditional folk songs. 40 minutes of magical music and stories.
available from
  The Greenman Bookshop and Gallery - Eastbourne
  Gothic Image, Glastonbury
  Wunjo Guitars, London (Off Tottenham Court road)
  Bridport Music shop, Bridport, Dorset

or direct from Alison for £10.

from The Druids' Voice, Vol 1, No 10

This is one of those brave albums that consists almost entirely of voice and acoustic guitar.  Brave because such a sparse setting leaves little room to hide. Fortunately Alsion has a clear soulful voice that falls easily on the ear and has a good range.  This first CD contains a mix of traditional and self-penned material. The opening track, 'A Long Way Away is A Long,' had me wondering if this might be a shade too folky for my taste.  The second is a fine rendition of one of the most beautiful songs in the folk canon:  'She Moves Through the Fair.'  Hard to go wrong with such gorgeous material, and Alison doesn't.  By this time, the simple interplay of sound was already growing on me.  Two more self-penned songs, 'You, Me, I' and 'Sticks and Stones' demonstrate a thoughtful lyricist at work with a human, deeply felt agenda.  The next, 'Search,' Alison sings a capella, a trick only a good vocalist can pull off:  she does, graced by a fine, subtle use of reverb.  The title track, 'Creation Song,' reveals clearly Alison's Druid faith, taking us through the process of creation, planetary, human and emotional.  To my ear, the best of the a capella tracks on the album is 'Sunset,' the lyrics of which have a haiku-like quality as Alison gives us a crystal-wrought word picture of a sunset.  Lovely.  The next, 'Changes,' again speaks clearly of the singer's faith, offering a vision of change:  "She changes everything she touches, and everything she touches changes..."  This flows into a vivid re-telling of the legend of King Midas, set to a gently rocking guitar accompaniment.  This version of the tale has Midas seeking out a hag in the forest.  Of course, we all know that hag's gifts can frequently be double-edged swords.  I shan't give any more away, except to say that the return of 'Changes," with the addition of percussion, brings the album to a rousing finale.  In short, here we have a bard to watch for, and I look foward to seeing her live.


From the CD 'Creation Song':

photo of Alison
1.   Cutty Wren  (225KB; 57 seconds)
2.  She Moves Through the Fair  (190 KB;  49 seconds)
3.  Creation Song  (256 KB;  1 minute 05 seconds)
4.  You, Me, I  (205 KB;  52 seconds)
5.  She Changes Everything She Touches  (223 KB;  57 seconds)
From the new CD 'Song For Sarahkka':
  1.   August  (295KB; 37 seconds)
    2.   Oak, Ash and Thorn  (494KB; 63 seconds)
3.   Bonnie Portmore  (424KB; 54 seconds)
  4.   Leaves Of Life  (243KB; 59 seconds)
5.   Dancing Year  (486KB; 62 seconds)
6.   Crystals Are A Girl's best Friend  (1138KB; 72 seconds)
photo by Chris Stanbury
7.   Song For Sarahkka  (1100KB; 70 seconds)
    8.   Anderida  (782KB; 49 seconds)